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Buy Tebi-Magnetic Powder Online


The universal automatic SSD solution is the main chemical in the cleaning industry that is being used to completely clear the defaced money of any type; such as black money, stamp/stained banknotes with anti breeze quality, white negative notes, etc.

With Suphanphon Phuchaphon Lab, all you will experience is U.S grade #1 quality SSD Solution products, also researched by professionals and produced only in America and exported/distributed worldwide at any traders and/or customer’s location. Buy Tebi-Magnetic Powder Online


-Product Origin : USA
-Minimum Order Quantity : 1.0 Liter
-Total quantity/Year : 600,000 Liters.
-Grade : U.S grade #1
-Quality : 99.9%
-Delivery time : 3 – 5 days approx
-Packing : Will be as per shipping standard


* SSD supreme liquid chemical solution; Also used for the total and effective cleaning for your defaced currencies?
* SSD Solution laboratory; SSD Chemical Laboratory also used for Cleaning Stamped Defaced Notes/Currencies?

Therefore Kindly contact us below for some of our liquid grade “A” SSD solution products that we supply. Buy Tebi-Magnetic Powder Online

Buy ssd chemical solution online We wholesale and retail Tebi-Magnetic Chemical Solution (Cleaning of Black, Stained & Dye Money). We also sell Tebi-Magnetic Chemical Solution which is a chemical compound widely used in cleaning black stained and dye stained notes.

We also supply the latest and original PK 58 Super Automatic & Universal SSD Chemical Solution plus Activating Powder perfect in cleaning all types of defaced notes, black notes, anti-breeze, stamped, marked or stained currency.

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Tebi-Magnetic Powder

250mL, 0.5L, 1L, 3L


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