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Buy SSD Chemicals Online Firstly, it seems all of America is in a panic over vaping. Hundreds of people have fallen ill, more than a dozen people have died, and then, of course, there’s the youth, who have taken to vaping, and Juuling in particular, in place of more old-fashioned vices. 

In response, several states have passed temporary bans on the sale of e-cigarettes, framing these moves as a way to address everything from the recent outbreak to the epidemic of youth vaping; the Trump administration is now considering a federal ban. As a dedicated vaper, I have viewed all of this with alarm. Buy SSD Chemicals Online

I have railed against this vape panic, which has led to several people writing to Jezebel in disgust. she wrote. I am open to the possibility that I am the dumb one here, and I decided to accept this challenge.

But when I wrote her back, asking if she’d like to be interviewed, she declined. Another woman, whom I also will not name, wrote that my blog was “uninformed and irresponsible:” “This article did not have a strong grasp of the facts or a true rundown of the inherent risks. Let’s not use public health issues as clickbait,” she wrote from her soapbox. I also asked her if she’d be willing to speak with me, as her email signature specified that she was a “BSN, RN, PHN.” I never heard from her. Cowards!

Reading the news hasn’t helped. Some public health officials say that everyone should stop vaping immediately; others caution that bans on vaping are counterproductive. Who to believe?

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