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Buy Research Chemicals, 24 September 2019 / Chemical industry, Enforcement, Germany, Global, Multinational bodies

Firstly, In preparation for this, the UBA’s paper suggests ways to elevate the agenda within the UN. 

The UBA’s paper is a follow-up to one published in April, calling for a “broader governance dimension” for this globally.

Secondly, The new paper says it has been clear in negotiations on post-2020 plans that there is “little appetite for the creation of new institutions or mechanisms”, and so it aims to build on current structures.

Key themes

A workshop held on the topic of governance earlier this month in Geneva, led by the UN’s Institute for Training and Research (Unitar), discussed the paper in-depth ahead of the Bangkok meeting.

Five key themes emerged, all of which have been strong elements of the post-2020 negotiations. These were:

  • strengthen analysis and the science policy interface;
  • ambitious policy objectives coherent with the 2030 Agenda;
  • strengthened coordination and coherence of existing bodies at all levels;
  • scaled up financing and capacity development to support national systems; and
  • regular review of progress at the national and international level.

Governance is one of the four key thematic areas to be discussed at the Bangkok meeting, according to a scenario note published by Saicm’s co-chairs this week. Buy Research Chemicals

Alos, Another theme is financial considerations. Saicm’s financial arm will end its operations this year amid discussions on how to fund global chemicals and waste management post-2020.

The other two key areas will be targets, milestones and indicators to measure Saicm’s progress, and mechanisms to support implementation.

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