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Buy Opioids Online. For many years, health care providers like me were told that we were undertreating pain and that pain was a vital sign that needed to be measured. As a result, opioid prescriptions in the United States skyrocketed. A common way to compare opioids is to calculate their strength relative to morphine, called morphine milligram equivalents, or MMEs. In 1992, our country dispensed 25 billion MMEs of prescription opioids; by 2011, that number had reached 242 billion. Meanwhile, opioid-related deaths and treatment admissions increased in parallel.

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Furthermore, there is increasing evidence that long-term opioid therapy is not very efficacious. Multiple studies culminated in the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s 2016 Guideline for Prescribing Opioids for Chronic Pain, which states that providers “should avoid increasing dosage to 90 MME or more per day or carefully justify a decision to titrate dosage to 90 MME or more per day.” As a point of reference, a commonly prescribed opioid is oxycodone, the medicine in the brand name Percocet.

Should patients on more than 90 MME be abruptly cut off? Should a rapid taper occur to get to the safe upper limit? A recent open letter written by a group called Health Professionals for Patients in Pain and signed by hundreds of experts across the country made some scathing accusations: insurer-imposed barriers, pharmacy limitations, and metrics were then applied that adversely affected patients on high-dose opioids; and some patients had even turned to suicide or illicit substance use as a result of this unnecessary suffering. Buy Opioids Online

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