Buy Nembutal in USA. They were all of a sudden missing,” author Fabulous Gabriel stated.

Tissue samples were taken from the organs by Dr. Thomas Noguchi, the chief medical examiner in Los Angeles at the time. The samples were then brought to the morgue’s chief toxicologist Raymond J. Abernathy, experts explained.

“What happened to them, I do not know who would have seen to it that they were no longer available. I do not know.”

As Radar readers know, experts in the podcast series previously claimed that the evidence at Monroe’s death scene “didn’t make sense.” A former Los Angeles police officer claimed in 1962 that the Hollywood legend’s death scene appeared “staged.”

“That’s why we have a box for undetermined.”

Investigator Becky Altringer said the missing lab reports point at a giant deception.

“The pathologists reports, there was lab work, everything. Her stomach contents. Everything that had to do with Marilyn Monroe disappeared,” Altringer recalled. “Why? To me, it’s just a big cover up.”

Episode nine also revealed the sad truth that Monroe died alone. Entertainment journalist Charles Casillo claimed the Hollywood icon’s body “lay in the morgue unclaimed because she didn’t have a family.”

Once again, Monroe’s ex-husband, Joe DiMaggio, would help the actress even after her death.

“Joe DiMaggio flew and claimed her body and made the arrangements for the funeral, and paid for her crypt. Otherwise who knows what would have happened to her?” Casillo said.

For more shocking details of Monroe’s tragic death and alleged cover up, tune in to “The Killing of Marilyn Monroe” each week.

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