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In the 2010s a crisis spread across America like wildfire, taking some of hip-hop’s brightest stars with it

Buy benzodiazepines online. Text Thomas Hobbs17 December 2019

Deep fakes, influencers, viral fashion – we live in a world unrecognisable from the one we stood in ten years ago. As a chaotic decade comes to a close, we’re speaking to the people who helped shape the last ten years and analysing the cultural shifts that have defined them. Explore the decade on our interactive timeline here, or head here to check out all our features.

Every decade has a drug that infiltrates music. In the 1960s and 1970s, LSD and heroin helped musicians break on through to the other side, while cocaine gave 1980s pop music its turbo charge. Fast-forward to the 2010s, and it’s opioids that now have a grip over some of music’s biggest stars

Their impact is particularly evident in the world of rap.

It isn’t uncommon to see rappers dribbling and falling asleep during interviews, or enthusiastically posting pictures with prescription pills on the tip of their tongue on Instagram (as Lil Peep did just hours before fatally overdosing on his tour bus). Meanwhile, Drake, still arguably the biggest rapper on the planet, nonchalantly referenced taking Xans to help him get to sleep on one of the biggest rap songs of the decade.

it’s a whole different flip,” says 25-year-old producer DJ Fu. He produces songs for Schoolboy Q, Meek Mill, and Lil Xan; It’s glorified. If LeBron wears Jordans then everyone wants to buy those sneakers, and it’s the same with rap. If Future is rapping about pissing codeine then people will want to imitate him as he’s the king.” Buy benzodiazepines online

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